Top 5 Reasons to Blog

Photo by Kristina B. via Flickr

Mark Schaefer recently listed his top 7 reasons job-seekers should be blogging. After reading Schaefer’s list, which I agree with, I began to think…what are my top 5 reasons for blogging? I decided that I should make my own list of reasons to blog and provide some insight into why I’m blogging. Without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons for blogging:

1.) It’s mandatory. This blog is an assignment for one of my Public Relations courses at the University of Oregon, but that isn’t what I mean when I say that it’s mandatory. As Schaefer mentions in his list, many jobs now expect you to know how to blog and do it well. Blogging skills are becoming mandatory for many positions, and since I hope to one day have a job and not have to call my mother for rent money, I might as well start practicing now.

2.) Engaging audiences. Creating exceptional content engages readers, which is what blogging is all about. I hope to engage a variety as readers, and maybe if I’m lucky a potential employer or two.

3.) Building a network. I would love to be able to build a network through my blogging experience, and I’m not speaking solely in terms of finding a job. The blogging community has many different neighborhoods, and I hope to make a friend on each block, so to speak.

4.) Gaining knowledge. They say knowledge is power, right? Well…the more blogs and articles you read, the more you know. To be a successful blogger, knowledge of your subject is essential. I plan to have a career in sports public relations, so it is imperative that I know as much as possible about it. My success as a blogger and professional depend on it.

5.) To become an Internet celebrity. Who doesn’t want to be famous? Seriously though, establishing and building a personal brand are just as important as creating great content. The larger your audience, the larger your potential influence. This also ties back to engaging audiences and building a network. If you’ve done those things, and have established a loyal following, then a potential employer may realize that they should really consider you as someone with a knowledge of what it takes to create a buzz or a brand.

Those are my reasons for being a part of the blogosphere. What are yours?


Athletes and Social Media

Social media. We all use it, and some of us may even be addicted to it. From grandma posting pictures of Johnny’s Christmas play on Instagram to your boss scolding you because your latest tweet was less than PC, it’s everywhere. But what’s the deal with so many athletes using social media? That is the question many are asking, and there are several answers.

Bill Sanders, Chief Marketing Officer of BDA Sports Management, provided insight to the answer when he said “If athletes don’t have loyal, engaged and numerous fans in the social media world, they are not as valuable to sponsors.” So there it is…athletes simply use social media to be able to better their personal brand, right? Well, yes and no.

According to Lewis Howes’s 3 Reasons Athletes Should Use Social Media, connecting with fans and positioning for life after sports are also factors in athletes use of social media. Fan interaction is a key part of being an athlete, and social media has made interacting easier than ever. It also allows the athlete to show their true personality.

Shaquille O’Neal is a perfect example of how athletes can use social media to enhance their personal brand, interact with fans, and even acquire future job opportunities. He is one of the most popular athletes on Twitter, and even announced his plans to retire and become an NBA analyst (click now or forever hold your peace) by using the social media platform.

The blend of social media and athletes is something that is good for both worlds, and can enhance the overall experience for both the fan and the player. It also serves as further evidence that the sports and PR worlds go together like referees and stripes, it’s just meant to be. What about the negative effects social media can have on athletes and sports, you ask? Well…we’ll talk about that later in the blogging season, if you will.