Dark Side of Social Media

As promised earlier in the blogging season, I am going to examine the drearier side of social media as it relates to sports. We always hear about how athletes can use social media to build their personal brands and provide intrigue for their perspective sports. However, we rarely hear about what takes place when an athlete misues social media.

Using social media without thinking can have large effects for athletes. It can lead to fines, suspensions, and magazine covers. All of this has been discussed previously, and there are numerous examples of what occurs when everyone isn’t included in the planning. Social Media is relatively new on the scene, but it is also something that millenials  have grown up with.

This creates an interesting dynamic, because many of today’s new professional athletes are millenials as well. Because of when they were born, many of today’s athletes have a larger understanding of what it takes to make an organization succesful in the techonologic world than an average Joe would. Athletes today are aware of the importance of engaging the audience, and want every chance to be able to do so.

This can lead to the occasional fine or suspension, depending on how the player chooses to reach out to his fan base, but it is the start of something special. These days we are programmed to “think before you tweet,” which is good advice for the most part. But what happens when we truly want to speak out about something that is bothering us? Are we concerned with coming across as politically correct, or getting the message across that was important to us and the rest of the community?

Social media is something that is growing and changing every day, and I am thankful to be a part of that. However, students need to be exposed more to the harsh realities of the social media world.


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