Gatorade and Cam Newton. Match Made In Heaven?

Gatorade is the world’s sports beverage of choice. Their ad campaigns make you question yourself if you don’t have it “in” you, and their spokespersons are always the epitome of cool. So why did they choose Cam Newton?

Here in Eugene, Ore., most people share the same opinion about Mr. Newton. They feel he is inconsiderate, a cheater, a scam artist and a laptop thief, among many other things. However, I don’t see the same things. After all, how differently would the people of Eugene, Ore. view Newton if he hadn’t beaten their beloved Ducks in the BCS national championship game en route to his Heisman trophy winning, record setting season at Auburn? My guess is if Cam Newton takes down Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners on his way to a national title, instead of the University of Oregon, that the people of Eugene would feel the same way as the people of Auburn, Alabama do.

He is a once in a lifetime athlete. His one season at Auburn and his rookie season in the NFL tell you so. He is a rare talent that comes along once in a decade, so why don’t people agree with him being the new spokesperson for Gatorade?

For starters, Gatorade tabbed Newton as the only other NFL player besides the Manning brothers (Eli and Peyton) to represent the organization. The brothers have a combined three Superbowl rings between the two of them, and are certainly on a different playing field than Newton, for now at least. By tabbing Newton as a spokesperson of the company, Gatorade is letting its consumers know that it has an eye toward the future. Gatorade only selects the best of the best to represent its brand, and the fact that Newton was chosen only after his rookie season speaks volumes.

What do I think of Cam Newton as a spokesperson for Gatorade? I think he’s the future of the NFL, and the perfect choice for a company aiming to revitalize its organization.


One comment

  1. Alejandro · March 14, 2012

    This is a very well written blog post. I’m glad Gatorade made the decision to make Mr. Newton the spokesperson. He had a great first year, and he has phenomenal talent.

    It’s hard to hate on someone as good as him. Duck fans should stop hating!

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