How to Ruin Your Social Media Reputation

Yes, you read the title right. Too often people are concerned with how to connect with others via social networking, instead of worrying about how what they broadcast to the public and how it can affect them. According to Lauren Dugan, there are 7 easy ways to totally destroy your reputation on Twitter. It’s safe to say that most of those reasons are self explanatory and none are shocking or surprising. However, the fact that a list like this exists is proof that we still have a ways to go in order to utilize social media to its full capacity.

Do we all have a Twitter and/or Facebook, yes. Do we all occasionally tweet or post statuses without completely thinking it through, sure. Is that an okay thing in the public relations industry? Absolutely not.

A member of the public relations community should never use social media to promote or broadcast their interests without fully understanding the consequences that come along with using the medium. One benefit is that you can literally reach millions of people within a matter of seconds, however, that is also the same exact reason that one must tread lightly when embarking on a social media campaign for the first time.

It is everything you imagine and more. Thousands of followers, thousands of “likes” on Facebook, ad millions of mentions. That is the perfect introduction to the social media world, but it rarely happens, unless your name is Jeremy Lin. Lin is one of the few exceptions that I can confidently say is the prime example of how to build a teflon social media reputation. Unfortunately, for every Jeremy Lin there are 5-10 examples of how to destroy a social media reputation before it even has a fair amount of time to build.

Since things spread so quickly in the world of social media, it is more important now than ever to ensure that you don’t inflict any self wounds to the online reputation that is necessary for success.


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