The Rules are Changing

Change is either embraced or shunned. You either adapt and survive or die off.

This is the problem a number of big corporations face today, with the ever changing landscape of business and social media. Nilofer Merchant of the Harvard Business Review addresses this issue in her blog post Rules of the Social Era. She raises several interesting points, the main one being that many businesses still operate under the Porter Value Chain model.

It is a battle of old school versus new school, so to speak, and old school is losing.

With the advent of social media, everything forever changed. The Porter Value Chain model was an effective way of running an organization for a long time and still is to a certain extent, but it no longer fully meets the requirements of consumers. We want to know how an organization works, why they choose to operate the way they day, and much more. Essentially, we want to know the inner workings of an organization, not just what the company does to produce its product.

That sort of insight is difficult to provide without fully embracing social media, and not in the way that many fans of the traditional business model think. Some organizations have begun the foray into the social media world, but aren’t involved deeply enough. Social media success isn’t based solely on the number of “likes” or followers you have. It is about engagement.

Consumers want engaging conversations with businesses, and they deserve it. Social media has made it easier than ever to fully communicate with large businesses or corporations to express satisfaction, concern or curiosity about the future. It is all at our fingertips, and choosing not to become involved sends the wrong message.

Does the organization have something to hide? Do they not care about what the consumer has to say? Are they losing their grip on their field? These are all questions that certainly come to mind when a business chooses not to fully immerse itself in the social media world. I don’t speak for everyone, but I know I wouldn’t want those sort of things being said about my company.

Become engaged, before it’s too late!


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