What Will We Do Next?

Public Relations and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly. The two were invented seemingly with each other in mind. Both industries continually evolve and force you to adjust or be left behind. Similarly, both industries constantly look for “what’s next.” We are constantly searching for the next young sports phenom, the next great championship player, or the next social media site to take the world by storm.

Since we are society that is always looking ahead, I started to wonder…what’s next for sports and social media? We’ve seen athletes take and/or lose command of the social media world, and we’ve seen sports organizations use social media for promotions. We have seen it all, or so it appears.

What’s next in the worlds of social media and sports is what Colorado State University basketball coach Tim Miles did during halftime of a recent game against UNLV. Coach Miles did what so many coaches across America despise…he tweeted during a game. Some may say this is uncharacteristic of a head coach and frowned upon, but Miles’s tweet has the potential to change television broadcasts forever.

We’ve all watched a sporting event where the coach is stopped before heading into the locker room for halftime to partake in an interview that he has no interest in. Here at the University of Oregon, we are very familiar with this, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Miles single-handedly took the first step in eliminating the half time interview. Imagine the possibilities.

Could this potentially lead to controversial things being said by head coaches? Sure. But imagine the insight you could get from a tweet or two from your favorite team’s head coach right before or after halftime. It almost certainly would be more interesting than what is said during any run of the mill halftime interview, with Chip Kelly being one of the exceptions of course.

Tim Miles provided sports and social media with a potential gateway into the new frontier. Hopefully, we aren’t too cautious to explore it.


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