No Country for Black Men

I’m trying to write down my thoughts on what’s transpired over the past week in Ferguson, MO and am not really sure where to begin. I’m sitting refreshing Twitter and watching MSNBC and going through a range of emotions. I was damn near brought to tears seeing the way prostesters are being treated.

Mike Brown’s execution was despicable, and the police department’s handling of EVERYTHING that followed has been shockingly deplorable. We’re told that the police are to “protect and serve” yet they’ve turned Ferguson into a war zone, permanently fracturing the psyche and trust within the community, and they’re doing so WITH CAMERAS EVERYWHERE. Imagine how they’ve behaved without cameras present.

My heart breaks when I think about what Mike Brown’s family must be feeling, and continues to break when I think of all the people who stood on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement and are seeing this catastrophe unfold. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and what’s going on in Ferguson right now is a threat to the entire nation.

America is no country for black men, and unfortunately this is the latest example.

are we really free?



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