Farewell Captain

The Captain

Last night was one for the ages.

Bottom of the ninth, tie game, two outs, last at bat of a legendary career at Yankee Stadium, and The Captain came through again with a walk off single.

A perfect ending for one of the greatest athletes of our generation.

Derek Jeter has been the face, heart and soul of the Yankees organization for over two decades. In that time, he became one of the most beloved athletes in New York City history.

Jeter and the Yankees weren’t the only ones to bask in last night’s spotlight, as Jeter’s lastest clutch moment is a huge boost for Nike’s “RE2PECT” campaign.

Nike and the Jordan Brand’s commitment to The Captain during his victory lap is paying off for the brand, and has forever attached them to a memorable moment in sports history. RE2PECT merchandise sold out on Nike.com last night, with a little help from Jeter’s nephew (video below).

The #RE2PECT hashtag was trending worldwide on Twitter and Facebook last night, the commercial has over 8 million YouTube views, and the campaign played a role in boosting Nike’s revenue 15%.

What a career, and what a campaign.



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